Thought for Food

The Planet Chillers, a team of three 8th graders from Acton, are working to increase general awareness on environment issues as part of Siemens “We Can Change the World” Challenge. They are raising awareness on how our food choices affect climate change and impact the environment.


The livestock industry, our world’s meat producer, is a major contributor to climate change by its greenhouse gas emissions of not only carbon dioxide, but methane and nitrous oxide – that as much higher global warming potential than carbon dioxide.  The livestock industry also contributes to scarcity of water and land, global starvation and dangers to public health.  Individuals can make enormous contributions to aid in climate change and environmental issues by simply reducing their meat consumption.


Jamie Eldridge, state senator of Massachusetts, who attended their presentation on February 7th was very impressed with the team. He said, "You are already leaders. I would take it a step forward and be honored if you can come to the state house to present." He later tweeted that he will try to reduce his meat intake once a week. 


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