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Crossfit for Expectant Mothers: A Do or a Don’t?

The fitness craze is now embracing pregnant women but is that going too far?

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Patch File Photo

Everyone knows someone who has jumped on the CrossFit bandwagon, but how many expectant moms are now taking part in these intense workouts? More than you might think.

With CrossFitters being very committed to their workouts, more pregnant women are staying in the game with workouts designed specifically for them.

In Massachusetts alone, there are five different CrossFit gyms that serve at least a half dozen pregnant women in each location, the Boston Herald reports, interviewing several Crossfitters and CrossFit owners.

The movement to keep pregnant women in the mix is supported by online communities like CrossFit Mom which posts daily workouts and trainings for each trimester, as well as a Facebook community Moms Who Crossfit.

From burpees to overhead squats to deadlifts, critics have been vocal about CrossFit in general, but now with pregnant moms taking part in these workouts, critics are being even more vocal, and equally there are many people out there in support of the workout for pregnant women.

Now we know if you’re a runner and you are pregnant you can continue running. Most obstetricians will tell you if you are currently active you do not have to stop your workouts, although some will cut back. But CrossFit? This is something all new to consider.

So we have to ask: Do you think CrossFit is something expectant moms should be doing? Let us know in the comments section below.

Arianne d'Entremont February 22, 2014 at 10:24 AM
My husband and I run the local CrossFit here in Winchester (Mountain Strength CrossFit). We have had the honor of working with a few expecting mothers. Not only did they continue to workout for almost their entire pregnancy, they had healthy babies and returned to the gym as soon as they were able. As long as you are honest with your abilities, keep an open conversation with both you doctor and your trainer, I see no reason to stop.
Jana Daly February 26, 2014 at 02:36 PM
I am currently about halfway through my pregnancy and work out at Crossfit Bridgewater, where I've been a member for about 2 yrs. My workouts have decreased in number, have been modified, and are one of the few things that get me through the nausea. I also use a heart rate monitor to stay within a safe zone. The thing to realize is that Crossfiters generally know their bodies well and listen to them, and we have some of the healthiest children around because of the value we put on staying active, strong, and eating real food. It's ok if it's not your thing, but don't judge me :)
Leila Samara February 28, 2014 at 08:27 AM
I've been a Crossfitter for over 2 years now and am now into my 7th month of pregnancy. Going to the gym has kept me healthy and strong and is preparing me for the ultimate workout that any woman can go through. Crossfit workouts can easily be modified to accommodate stretching ligaments and growing bellies and as long as one uses common sense and listens to their body (as Jana said) I think it's imperative to stay fit (whatever your exercise of choice may be) throughout pregnancy.


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