Feel-Good Story of the Year: Anonymous $6,500 Donation

Two anonymous donors help 16 local kids attend summer camp and families in need during Thanksgiving.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The following was suggested by former editor Patrick Clark.)

Many people with sympathetic hearts roared like lions when they heard someone stole a significant amount of money from the Acton Lions Club during NARA's Fourth of July celebration; money that was to be given to local charities and the Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund.

For a brief moment, Lions President Steve Rubner, along with the rest of the Lions, were in shock that someone would commit such an act. Brief, because once word got out that the money was stolen, people came out of the woodwork and out of the kindness of their hearts, matched the money that was stolen: $6,500.

"From your article (Acton Patch) WBZ picked up the story and contacted us," said Rubner. "From there, two anonymous donors heard what had happened and made a serious donation."

Aside from the two significant donations from the anonymous donors, many other people donated to the Acton Lions Club.

Because of the donations, the Acton Food Pantry was able to receive their annual $2,500 from the Lions for turkeys during the Thanksgiving season for local families in need, and the Doli Atamian Campership Program will be able to fund 16 local kids to attend summer camp.

(To read the original story, click here.)


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