How to Refund your ScupperJack's Gift Card - Well, Almost

Owner of Bella Famiglia, Joseph Motzi, is accepting ScupperJack's gift cards.

What happens when you purchase a restaurant gift certificate and then the business closes? One would think there would be an easy way to get in touch with the previous owner or owners of the business to refund your purchase; but things are not always that simple.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the 19 year-long restaurant at Nagog Park, known as ScupperJack’s, a staple dining spot for the local community, closed for good.

On February 4, a note was posted on the front door of the restaurant stating that ScupperJack’s was permanently closed. Due to the hardships of the current economic climate along with owner, Jack Mendosa, suffering a serious injury, the restaurant was forced to close. 

 (also, you can view our image gallery for a photo of the note that was left on the door). 

Back in early January, Deirdre Grunwald, a resident of Maynard and longtime ScupperJack’s patron, received a $100 dollar gift certificate for ScupperJack’s as a present from her children for her 30th wedding anniversary.

The Grunwald’s, like many others in the community, abruptly found out ScupperJack’s closed its business by heading over there for dinner and reading the note on the door.

“I’ve spent a couple hours trying to find a contact number online to try and refund my gift card but I came up with nothing,” said Grunwald.

Although there has been no talk from SucpperJack’s about refunding gift certificates, Joseph Motzi, owner of , on 59 Great Road, is looking to lend a hand. According to Motzi, his restaurant is accepting ScupperJack’s gift cards until the end of April. When you spend the total amount of your ScupperJack's gift card at Bella Famiglia, you will receive 50 percent off. 

“Well I like Jack – he’s a great guy and I enjoy his company,” said Motzi. “So I figured, this could be a way to help him a little bit and could help me also by bringing in new customers. So what I decided to do is, if you spend the whole amount of the gift certificate, I can give you 50 percent off.”

According to Motzi, he has already received about 40 gift cards from ScupperJack’s.

“It’s really about the goodwill of it,” said Motzi. “I am enjoying the people saying thank you and if we can get new customers out of this, who may not have been here before, all the better.” 


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