VIDEO: Acton TV's Grand Opening

Saturday, Jan. 21, Acton TV opened their brand new 4,800 square foot studio to the public.

Acton TV recently received a major upgrade from their small workspace at the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School. Located at 16A Craig Road, Acton TV now has a serious studio space to fulfill the important role a cable access station plays in a community.

The studio is 4,800 square feet and offers classrooms, state of the art editing equipment, cameras, lighting, a large studio floor, a kitchen, offices and several employee's that are technically trained to show you how to use the equipment. That is an exciting part about Acton TV. They encourage you to come down to their studio, use their equipment, film anything and put it out there for the public to see. 

“This exciting new public studio belongs to the people of Acton to use as their own television production facility, and our staff and equipment are always available,” said Acton TV President, Dick Calandrella. “We’ll train you and assist you to telecast any programming you wish, and we invite you to contact us.

Acton TV contact information:

Phone: 978.263.6033

Website: www.Actontv.org

Location: 16A Craig Road, Acton, MA


Note: Boxborough artist, Bruce Davidson, painted a wall mural in the lobby of the studio depicting scenes from Acton.  


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