Where's the Best Sledding in Acton?

NARA Park? Benjamin Hill? Someplace else? Share your favorite spot to sled.

Where is your favorite spot to sled in Acton?
Where is your favorite spot to sled in Acton?
After the weather outside is frightful, the outdoor activities can be delightful. 

From the snow forts and snowball fights to snowmen and snow angels, there's lots to do in your own backyard. But when it comes to sledding, well, not every home has a giant hill to slide down. 

So we want to know: Where is the best sledding area in Acton?

Is it NARA Park? Benjamin Hill? Someplace else? Share your favorite spot in the comments section below. 
Peiling Cheng January 04, 2014 at 08:32 AM
Where is Benjamin Hill? I can't find it on google map. Could you please advise? Thanks.


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