Blackbird Savory Pies Launches in Whole Foods Market

Co-owner Matthew Kline of Acton says they are 'reimagining the traditional chicken pot pie.'

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The following edited release was submitted by Sarah E. Kline.)

Local frozen gourmet savory pie producer, Blackbird Pie Company, announced that Whole Foods Market will be selling its all-natural pies in 20 locations throughout the North Atlantic region (MA, CT, RI, ME) starting January 2013.

Initially, the participating Whole Foods Market locations will be selling three of Blackbird's five savory pies: Italian-Style Chicken Pasta Pie, with pancetta, shiitake mushrooms and parsnip-puree-thickened sauce providing a rich umami flavor; Carolina-Style BBQ Pork Pie, a recent Boston Globe Best-of-the-New selection described as "like having an entire cookout under one crust-tender pork with mustard greens, sweet potatoes, and apples"-with an array of sweet, sour, umami and spicy flavors; and its gluten-free Venezuelan-Style Chicken Pie, a spicy habaneros experience with bacon, leeks, potatoes, bell peppers and snap peas.

Blackbird pies were introduced in finer supermarkets and specialty stores in August 2012 as an answer to food lovers and time-crunched parents facing the nightly question of "What's for dinner?" But, as Matthew adds, "This is not your frozen-meal dinner as usual. We are reimagining the traditional chicken pot pie, creating original recipes inspired by authentic ethnic cuisines, providing more than just meat, providing bite-size vegetables, complex sauces that aren't thickened with flour, and great butter-based gluten-free as well as wheat-based crusts. Not only are our pies visually and texturally complex, they each have complex flavor profiles- salty, sweet, sour, bitter, umami-and, as a result, the experience is engaging, delicious."

"Whole Foods Market," says Sarah, "is a perfect fit for Blackbird. Whole Foods Market' customers seek food that is healthful, environmentally sensitive and great tasting. They view shopping and eating as an experience rather than a chore. They want higher quality products. And with Blackbird Savory Pies those values will be met. We're looking forward to many tastings at Whole Foods Market."

Linda Schymik January 18, 2013 at 12:56 PM
These pies are pricey compared to the big name brands, but delicious. I don't mind paying a little extra given the exquisite flavors and the wholesomeness of the ingredients.


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