Winters Home Services Offers Tips for Better Air Quality in the Home

Winters Home Services team
Winters Home Services team

Asthma rates in Massachusetts are among the highest in the nation.  Pollen and other allergens are triggers for residents suffering from allergies and asthma.

Tim Flynn of Winters Home Services, providers of plumbing, heating, cooling and air quality services to residents throughout the greater Boston area, offers helpful tips for reducing allergens and improving overall indoor air quality.

According to Flynn, "Indoor and outdoor irritants can trigger an allergic or asthmatic reaction. Outdoor triggers include tree, grass and weed pollen, vehicle exhaust, wood smoke, and fumes. Indoor triggers include pollen entering the home from open windows, secondhand smoke, dust mites, mold, chemicals, cockroaches and other pests."

Steps to take to reduce irritants include cleaning surfaces weekly with a damp cloth, vacuuming with a HEPA filter, keeping humidity low, and controlling pests.

It's imperative that homeowners also address any water leaks, which can lead to mold growth. Replacing air filters and ensuring routine maintenance and repair of air conditioning units is key. Installing an ultra-high efficiency air purifier such as IQAir, one of the highest rated air purifying systems in the U.S. and available through Winters Home Services, may also significantly improve air quality.

“Poor indoor air quality can make anyone feel sick, but it greatly affects individuals who suffer from allergies and asthma,” said Flynn. “Knowing how to decrease pollutants and allergens in the home is the first step. Once homeowners gain a better understanding of the triggers, then it's simply a matter of taking those proactive steps which will help to improve the quality of life for allergy and asthma sufferers.”

Take steps towards better air quality in the home. Contact Winters Home Services at (617)-776-5950 or visit wintershomeservices.com.

About Winters Home Services

Founded in 1994, Winters Home Services is an award-winning service company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, specializing in plumbing, heating, cooling, drain cleaning and air quality services. Offering 24-hour emergency services and lifetime guarantees on many of their services, the company focuses on high quality workmanship and consistent world-class customer service. Winters Home Services promises to fulfill the needs of every customer with a sense of urgency, ensuring comfort, safety and well being.

Winters Home Services is one of the largest residential plumbing companies in the greater Boston-area with 20 trucks on the road and a full staff of licensed and insured plumbers and technicians. For more information, call (617)-776-5950 or visit wintershomeservices.com.



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