Pet Preparation for the Blizzard of 2013

Keep enough food and, if needed, medications for a few days.

Food? Check. Batteries? Check. Shovels and ice melt? Check. Fido and Fluffy? Hmmm?

In all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the Blizzard of 2013, Acton Animal Hospital reminds pet owners to not forget about preparing their furry family members.

"Best thing to do is don't let them out," says Dr. Betty Johnston. "They should only go out for the bare essentials."

The forecast warns residents about the possibility of thunderstorms during the blizzard. So if you pet has trouble being calm in those storms, it's a good idea to have medication on hand.

"We might have thundersnow, and in that case be aware of it," she says. "Take precautions, dig (the medications) out, that would be the biggest thing."

And if your pet has to go outside, be aware of salt and tall snowbanks.

"After the storm, there's lots of salt and sand, tall snowbanks and pets go running out," she says. "If they (step on) salt and sand, wash their feet and don’t let them lick it off."

Pet owners with snowblowers also should keep their pets indoors to prevent accidents.

"They can get tangled in them," Johnston says.


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