Five Things to Know Today: Sept. 5

Five simple was to start patching.


First step: Create an account (top right of the homepage you'll see the "Log In/Sign In" button).

  • This is the key to your success. Once you've created an account with us, the options are nearly endless.

1). Create an Event

  • Our Events section has a bunch of things going on in the community. You'll find everything from town meetings and after-school activities to plays and fundraisers.

2). Post an Announcement

  • Our Announcement section is a great place to make the Acton community aware of really anything you deem important.

3). Blog

  • Join our Local Voices and blog about anything you want. Write as much or as little as you want and as often or a little as you want. If you already have a blog on a different site, feature it here for more readers and bring people back to your site. 

4). Business Directory

  • Our Patch Business Directory is an easy place to see what types of local businesses are in the community. Local business owners: , hop online and add photos, menus and promotions, and reach out to your customers and respond to ratings and reviews today. If you cannot find your business listing in our directory, contact me at and I will make sure your business is listed right away. Patrons: Rate and review Acton businesses. 

5). Acton Pics & Clips

  • This is a great place to upload your photos, videos and YouTube videos and share them with the Patch community. We want to see Acton through your lens.

Seriously, the days of submitting a Letter to the Editor are done. Bypass me completely and use these ways to get your local information to a large, localized audience. If you create an announcement, an event, a blog or upload a photos or videos to the Pics & Clips section, I will find time to feature them on the front page.

What are you waiting for?

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