The LS Parking Prices

Austin Lessin and George Behrakis, representatives of the L-S Student Senate, met with Mr. Rossley, Director of Buildings and Grounds, and North Housemaster Mr. Medeiros to understand the student parking rates at L-S. They also consulted a write-up of Frequently Asked Questions about L-S to gather more information.* Here is a report authored by Austin Lessin that explains the reasons why the price for parking has increased over time. If you have any questions, please email lsrhsstudentsenate@gmail.com.

For those of you who park at L-S, you know firsthand that spaces do not come inexpensively. Have you wondered why the Lincoln-Sudbury parking pass prices are so high?  After all, why would L-S parking passes be over $300, while the parking passes at Weston and Hudson High schools are virtually free (see chart below)? The L-S Student Senate took on the initiative of looking into the cost of parking passes, and we are happy to share our findings.

To gather more information, Student Senate representatives met with Kevin Rossley, Buildings and Grounds Director and North Housemaster, Jason Medeiros, who oversees L-S parking rates. Mr. Rossley and Mr. Medeiros explained that the fees are used primarily to fund the clearing of the parking lot during snow storms. Buildings and Grounds personnel clear the lots and walkways – a task made more difficult since they cannot use excessive amounts of salt as L-S borders conservation land.

Additionally, the parking fees directly subsidize cuts in the school budget. A school report* detailed that during the 2009 fiscal year, budget reductions in Athletics and Activities were required in order to account for a loss in revenue during the recession. L-S parents petitioned the School Committee to increase various fees in order to restore $145,000 in Athletic and Activity cuts. As a result, the final approved parking fee increased from $200/year in 2008 to $300/year in 2009; the final approved Athletic fee increased from $165 to $300 per sport and the final approved Activity fee increased from $35 to $60 (also in 2008-2009). These cuts were never restored, and still remain in the budget today, which directly accounts for the high parking costs.

In the end, L-S uses parking fees as a way to subsidize, in part, grounds maintenance, as well as other expenses in the overall school budget.

* 2009 LSRHS Frequently Asked Questions Report: http://www.lsrhs.net/community/schoolcom/FAQ/LSRHSFAQ3-13-09.pdf


The cost of parking at neighboring high schools:

High School Parking Fees:
Acton-Boxborough. $200
Hudson. $5
Waltham Free
Wayland $220
Weston Free


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pmotw February 24, 2014 at 02:06 PM
This parking lot was constructed with town and state taxes. It’s already paid for. Claiming the fees are needed to pay for maintenance is not a reasonable explanation. If it was reasonable, then all LS staff should be subjected to the same fees. Why is it fair for the students to pay for the maintenance of a parking lot for others to use at no expense? How are other towns and cities capable of maintaining their High School Parking lots without fees, but Sudbury cannot? How was the clearing of snow and other parking lot maintenance financed prior to student parking fees? How in the world did the town figure out how to finance the maintenance of other public parking lots without charging a fee to the users? What would happen if all students stopped using the parking lot and no fees were collected?
Sudburytoo February 24, 2014 at 03:22 PM
Parking fees at LS are nothing more than a teacher salary subsidy poorly disguised. Why are sports fees $365 per season? Why does it cost students $100 to use the fitness center (free for teachers)? All these fees are excessive and unnecessary. All these fees are because we have 2 school administrations to support and the LS teachers only teach 4 out of 7 classes per day. What a "special" place.


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