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UPDATED: Crash on Upper Jocelyn Makes For Tough Drop Off at BLOCKS Preschool

Police responded to a crash on Upper Jocelyn, making drop off for students at B.L.O.C.K.S., Framingham Public School's preschool tough Wednesday morning.

A black car slid and hit a pole this morning on Upper Jocelyn Avenue closing the road Wednesday morning around 8 a.m.

This made for a difficult drop off of students at B.L.O.C.K.S. preschool Wednesday morning.

Framingham Police were on the scene. The Framingham Public Schools preschool sits up on a hill, at the site of the former Juniper Hill Elementary School. Patch was informed by 9 a.m. the road had re-opened.

Many of Framingham's main roads are in good shape, but at 8 a.m. several side road still had snow and slush on them.

Hearing from many parents that while the high school buses were on time, the elementary buses are late picking up students on some routes and dropping off students late at schools.

One parent texted Framingham Patch to say the bus is more than 30 minutes late to the bus stop. Another parent emailed to say their child's bus is more than 40 minutes late picking up their children.


Tell us in the comments how the roads and school buses were this morning for your child.

Ivette Montanez January 16, 2013 at 10:06 PM
This was a very scary and difficult morning for the BLOCKS staff,parents, and students....but we made it through once again.
Mary Gonzales January 17, 2013 at 03:39 AM
So who is responsible for making sure the sidewalks and parking lots at the schools are in good shape? The schools or the town?? I read comments that some have been bad during the last storm and then this issue. This one does seem to be that the road leading up to the school had not been treated but shouldn't the school streets be the next priority after the major roads like Route 126, 135, 30, etc????
Ivette Montanez January 17, 2013 at 12:10 PM
Mary, I believe the town is responsible to clean up the.roads. It's our first year in the building and it was really a hard morning/stressful for parents, busdrivers, and staff. This was just not okay.


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