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Dean Cavaretta: Raising Taxes During a Recession a Bad Idea

The State Senate candidate responds to a Massachusetts Democratic Party press release that pounced on a live chat claim that Bill Clinton endorsed Cavaretta — a Republican.

State Senate challenger Dean Cavaretta (R-Stow) shot back at the Massachusetts Democratic Party on Wednesday after the Worcester/Middlesex District hopeful

During the chat, a reader named "Alan" wrote: "So far, you've only listed endorsements from Republicans. Is this account (Dems4Dean) just you retweeting yourself, because I haven't met any Dems who support you."

Cavaretta responded by writing: "I'll give one: Bill Clinton ..."

Shortly after the chat, Massachusetts Democratic Party spokesman Kevin Franck released a statement asking Cavaretta to supply more details of the ex-president's support.

"What is it with Massachusetts Republicans this year?" asked Franck. "Maybe Dean Cavaretta was in a secret meeting with kings and queens when Hillary Clinton, who calls him all the time, rang him to break the news about Bill's endorsement.
“It would be pretty big news if a former president decided to wade into a local race to support a long-shot Republican candidate who opposes marriage equality, wants to undo ObamaCare and supports Mitt Romney, but I guess stranger things have happened."

Cavaretta responded by thanking the Democrats for the free publicity.

"Today, the Political Machine [sic] that Sen. Scott Brown talks about showed its true colors. In a reference to tax policy my liberal opponent's hired guns inserted foot in mouth, and claimed that I touted the endorsement of former President Bill Clinton," Cavaretta said in a released statement. "Instead, what Mr. Franck has done was give me another opportunity to tell voters that on the issue of NOT raising state taxes during a Recession [sic] - this is a position that I wholeheartedly share with Mr. Clinton. This is in stark contrast to the massive tax increases on income, capital gains, payroll and gasoline, my opponent, Sen. Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton) has freely introduced this past legislative session."

"(Raising taxes) makes it much more difficult to create jobs," Cavaretta continued. "Small businesses in our region are suffering bigtime."

Cavaretta also writes that he considers himself an independent thinker and fiscal conservative with the same beliefs as the former president.

"In fact, with Welfare Reform, Taxes, [sic] etc. 'Clinton Voters' are closer to me than my far-left opponent," he added.

Earlier in the chat, a guest chatter asked Cavaretta what he thought the key issue was in this year's election. Cavaretta answered by writing his slogan: "Putting Education and the Economy First."

"Specifically, how the next State Senator from our part of the state can work on issues that make a real difference," he wrote.

Another reader, ABRHS89, asked Cavaretta to explain his stance on fixing health care in the state. Cavaretta wrote he supports saving Medicare for seniors, and plans to introduce legislation to fix the Health Connector for individuals and small businesses, without mandates or new tax increases.

Massachusetts Democratic Party August 09, 2012 at 11:04 AM
So when Cavaretta said Bill Clinton has endorsed him... was he just lying?
ABRHS89 August 09, 2012 at 12:28 PM
Bill Clinton doesn't think we should cut essential services and undermine out future by ceasing investment in our infrastructure and children, either. But I suspect (hard to say for certain--lack if specifics behind the typical conservative generalities about trimming waste, no taxes, and willie Horton fearmongering about criminals) that Mr Cavaretta is NOT in sync with Mr Clinton on that. As a participant in the chat the whole time, I assure others that Mr Cavaretta did indeed seem to imply that he was endorsed by Bill Clinton. Either he misunderstood the simple question (asking if any democrats endorse him) or he has serious delusions about his candidacy. I suspect the former but his unwillingness to cop to it even at the time when asked specifically by chatters (including but not only me) speaks to his character in a way that I find lacking.
Myles Goldman August 09, 2012 at 08:30 PM
The Massachusetts Democratic Party is not showing Cavaretta's full response to the question after mentioning President Clinton. Here is Cavaretta's full response: "Alan: I'll give one: Bill Clinton... Bill Clinton and I both believe that taxes should not be raised in a Recession and that by doing so, (like my opponent wants to do), it makes it much more difficult to create jobs. Small businesses in our region are suffering big time." Cavaretta's full response makes it clear that President Clinton's ideas on taxes are much closer to his than they are to Senator Eldridge. The point is: if you are a Democrat who agrees with President Clinton's tax policy, then you are likely to agree with Cavaretta's economic jobs plan more than Senator Eldridge. Senator Eldridge wants to raise income taxes, wants a carbon tax, has authored a health care bill with FIVE new taxes and supported a gas tax. Based on President Clinton's stances on taxes, there is good reason to believe he would disagree with Senator Eldridge. It's a shame but not surprising that the Massachusetts Democratic Party has decided this election season to not discuss what they have done for Massachusetts. After all, under their watch, we're the second most expensive state to do business in. No wonder they want to distort what people say instead of talking about the issues. Still, Cavaretta is getting great publicity from this! So thanks!
Michael Fleming August 13, 2012 at 03:03 AM
I'm with Dean on this, and I do believe that Clinton himself a "Middle Way" Democrat has made noises about not raising taxes during a recession, regardless of whether you think the rich pay their fair share. It hurts those who are responsible for stimulating business activity, and it is business activity that everyone needs to grow the economy and pay the lions share of taxes, but somehow find the audacity to bad mouth them at the same time. ..usually mumbling some OWS nonsense about greed or buying the White House. If you don't understand that world is a giant market place, and you come to that market place with no skills or product to sell, you will not find that market place a friendly locale. Arghh. Icant believe all the dummies in this country that want to demonize successfully businessmen, then turn right around and talk of trying to stimulate "job growth"....as if the "business community" and "job growth" were separate creatures. They are not. They are the SAME PEOPLE!!


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