Failed Valve Closes Underwood Pool; Reopening Unclear

Could a broken valve cause the end of the Underwood Pool? We'll see.

Could this past Sunday have been the final time Belmont residents had a chance to take a swim at the historic Underwood Pool?

What should have been , the town's well-known swimming pool has seen and for safety reasons and on Monday, a valve in the pool's filter house failed forcing the pool to close before the afternoon session. 

According to the , workers from the town's Department of Public Works will "try to repair this but as of now we are closed until further notice," according to a press release. 

But with the pool scheduled to close in 12 days on Sunday, Sept. 2, a decision to call an early end to the season is an option, said a pool employee today. 

There is precedent for the town to close the pool early. Last year, the Underwood was closed a week early after

If the decision is made to end the season, it could be the final time the pool is closed as the Board of Selectmen and the Department of Public Works have to be situated on a nearby plateau.

The move would also be facilitated by the need for the town to replace a playing field used by Belmont High School and youth sports teams that would be acquired to build a new town library across Concord Avenue from the current pool.

Lee Adams August 21, 2012 at 11:03 PM
It's time to close the pool and move on. Several years ago our Selectmen stated they will not support major repairs to the pool, and if that day should come it will be closed. The pool benefits a minority of town residents who are vocal for their special interests and the expense of everyone. Waverly Oaks offers a water park, it works, it''s close and it's FREE. It's time to develop the area that will offer a true benefit to the town as a whole. The additonal tax revenue will benefit everyone in the own, our seniors, our citizens, our stsudents and help Belmont pay its $180-million unfunded obligations.
J August 22, 2012 at 12:56 PM
I don't believe the pool area can be developed. This was gifted to the Town. I do agree that a minority benefits and if repaired the users need to pay the cost.
Keep it open August 22, 2012 at 03:22 PM
FYI, last fiscal year the Underwood Pool made a profit for the town, as user fees (family tags, etc.) more than paid the operational cost. I'm not personally a big fan of the pool, but many, many families in Belmont enjoy it and it is an appropriate amenity for the town to preserve. The plan to move the pool up the hill, thereby supposedly allowing space for a play field, will not work because there is not enough room for a full size athletic field (there is only about 75 yards at the longest dimension) in the combined sites of the current pool and sunken space abutting Concord Avenue. In addition, essentially every tree on the site would have to removed, the whole thing re-graded, and the building for the new swimming pool would need to planted firmly on bedrock to prevent its failure. Nice try, but start over.


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