Watertown's School Funds Would be Boosted by Millions Under Governor's Budget

The town's schools would get $1.6 million more in Chapter 70 school aid in Gov. Patrick's proposal.

Gov. Deval Patrick's Fiscal 2014 budget has some very good news for the Watertown Public Schools with school aid going up more than $1.6 million from last year.

Chapter 70 school aid would increase greatly under the budget released by Gov. Patrick this week. During a visit to Watertown's Perkins School for the Blind this week, Patrick said the tax increases called for in the budget would be invested in both education and transporation.

State Sen. Will Brownsberger, D-Belmont, welcomed the proposed budget in a post on his website

"The Governor, in his fiscal 2014 budget, has proposed to finally complete the education aid reform initiated in 2006. This is extremely good news for Watertown — Watertown had, for years, been badly short-changed by the failure to fully implement the 2006 reforms," Brownsberger wrote.

Under Education Reform, the state is supposed to provide 17.5 percent of each community's "foundation budget," or basic education budget, but last year Watertown received 12.4 percent, Brownsberger said.

On the town side of the budget, Watertown remains about the same in Fiscal 2014 as in Fiscal 2013 - the current budget year. In all, Watertown would receive $107,761 more in 2014.

Unrestricted aid remaining the same at $5.6 million, but the town would get a bump of $107,655 in "Annual Formula Local Aid," according to the information released by the Department of Revenue.

Steven Cavaretta January 26, 2013 at 01:45 PM
Great so then the TC will lower real estate taxes...nah they'll let Pete build an ice rink.
Kirk Hughes/acoustic piano/class of 68 January 26, 2013 at 03:46 PM
The high school could use a couple of pianos for the music dept that are not as old as the school itself. The grand piano in the chorus room has books holding up the pedals and the 2 upright pianos in the band room don't have working pedals either and have not been tuned in years. The students and music teachers should have something that works. It wouldn't cost that much.
Bod January 26, 2013 at 04:33 PM
Increasing taxes is not going to help - it will actually hurt alot citizens financially. I'm surprise Patrick doesn't make any cuts in the State house - cutting programs that really haven't done much through the years in Mass. Patrick needs to do a budget NOT raising taxes. Patrick is actually doing EXACTLY what President Obama is doing spending NOT saving! I really hope Patrick proposal is rejected. There's better ways in getting more financial support then raising taxes on the people of this great state.
Vinnie Dummerino January 26, 2013 at 05:14 PM
cutting spending would mean losing the votes the gov bought over the last 6 years by shorting everyone else ...the money went someplace for the last 6 years while ed and transportation got less and less; the question is where and why. Raising taxes without spending cuts is just trying to buy more votes and payback certain supporters. Not going to help as it is not going to create new job which produce new tax income and less the amount paid out to those not currently work and the increased taxes will not get to where they are said to be going: never do inthis state. And it should be an increased sales tax so everyone pays it including visitors/tourists and the individual can control it by not spending. As usual the gov and ruling party in this state are trying to get a fix for their addiction and obessions: spending other peole's money


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