What is the Smoking Policy at Wayland Public Schools?

A reader posed the question and we tracked down the answer.

Last week a reader asked about smoking policies at Wayland Public Schools.

Specifically, this reader wanted to know in what year Wayland High School did away with its smoking area. While we haven't been able to track down an exact year that the smoking area at WHS went away (we'll keep working on it), we did track down the current smoking policy for all Wayland schools.

According to Section G (Personnel) of the policy manual for Wayland Public Schools:

Smoking or the use of tobacco within school buildings, in other school facilities or on school property or buses by any individual, including school personnel, is prohibited.

Staff members who violate this policy will be referred to their immediate supervisor.

Additionally, Section J (Students) of the manual features a tobacco policy as well. In this case, School Committee Chair Barb Fletcher explained, the policy title is "Tobacco Use Among Students," but it "extends beyond students to also cover staff and members of the public."

Smoking, chewing, or other use of tobacco products by staff, students, and members of the public shall be banned from all District buildings. All forms of tobacco use shall be prohibited on all District property. In addition, tobacco use by students is banned at all school-sponsored events, even though this use does not take place on school grounds.

Brooklyn Lowery October 26, 2012 at 12:58 PM
Thanks, JRZ! That makes sense. The person who posed the question said he was Class of '86. I have to ask, how do you remember that so well. Student at the time?
Virginia Slep October 26, 2012 at 01:22 PM
The smoking policy is a state law. No smoking is allowed in any school or on school grounds anywhere in the state.
Brooklyn Lowery October 26, 2012 at 01:57 PM
Hi Virginia. State law does prevent smoking inside the buildings under the "Smoke Free Workplace Act." But other than that, the laws aren't that sweeping and are bulked up on a local level. MGL Chap. 71, Section 2A prohibits student tobacco use on school grounds during "normal school hours." Then, MGL Chap. 71, Section 37H requires that superintendents prohibit the use of tobacco by anyone on school grounds -- but the law itself doesn't do that. Does that make sense? Also, the state laws don't outline any penalties. This is my interpretation of some of the documents I've found. Either way, Wayland's own policies are prohibitive.


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